A relatively new face in the thriving dance culture of her home city of Istanbul,
Elif has quickly become a regular selector at top venues both locally and internationally,
as she delivers her unique blend of synthesized and organic sounds.
She reveals a musical taste that is unafraid to experiment with modern sounds,
while also displaying an appreciation for more conventional instrumentation.
Her style is characterized by raw percussion that creates
relentless groove, combined with melody carried by both electronic and acoustic
instruments to achieve an atmosphere which highlights her roots
in the ancient city of Istanbul in a contemporary fashion.

Energy levels range from relaxed to raging, the way
in which Elif moves between the two demonstrating her understanding
of the necessity of diversity throughout a set, as well as
her technical skill in creating mixes that progress in an exceptionally
smooth and gradual way. Vocal presence is kept to a minimum, with Elif
preferring to sporadically highlight quality selections rather than oversaturate
the listener with a multitude of messages. This decision results in a greater
appreciation for what vocals are present in her sets, as they are tastefully
presented at all the right moments. Overall, Elif crafts a musical
journey that is a wonderful
representation of her life experience and artistic ambition.