Top notch traveling tips for thousands of followers, a brand-new business vision that will
skyrocket a bunch of start-ups and a suitcase full of music to dominate the most special joints
of nightlife and entertainment universe… Elif -who has been there & done that- is one of the
greatest proteges of these adventures and a true liability when it comes to the rumpus that is
caused. The decision of making it primarily in the music business was an old one,
but implementation was right on time!

Growing up in a conservative society she embodied an extraordinary and strong
female figure, who chases the best clubs, parties and festivals around the globe
seeking inspiration and higher vibrations. Over the course of years, she
magnified her online brand, cizenbayan, to hundreds of thousands of followers,
while traveling, growing her network and inspiring others! Music, her true passion
has always been present somewhere in her life and she was just waiting for the
right moment to embrace it thoroughly. The next stop was conquering the night
clubs around the world with her unique music taste.

She performed alongside her biggest inspirations Unders, Lee Burridge,
Nico Stojan, Behrouz, Audiofly, Atish, Concret, Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder
and more in less than a year. She has places like Burning Man, Afrikaburn,
Deep Like Dubai, Suma Beach, Klein, Indigo, Brigit & Bier in Berlin, 1888
Izmir, Schimanski NYC, Project Heart Tulum and many more under her belt.

From Berlin to New York, her quintessential selections of melodic,
minimal and majestic deep house turned the quiet dance floors into
endless contest of harmonious movements.When Elif’s not
around in Istanbul she is probably busy filling her musical
passport’s blank pages with prestigious world clubs’s stamps