Having her roots in the ancient city of Istanbul, as a true nomad and free soul Elif’s
wings brought her reputation already exceeding the thriving dance culture of her
home city and made her a regular selector at top venue slocally and internationally
as she delivers her unique blend of synthesized and organic sounds.

As a new addition to Altitude Agency’s roster, a regular at The Gardens Of Babylon
community, she has venues like Kater Blau Berlin, Do Not Sit Miami, Schimanski NYC
Deep Like Dubai and Velvet Montreal under her belt, the future looks just as bright

She reveals a musical taste that is unafraid to go in the dark territories as
much as upbeat anthems as she’s unafraid to experiment with modern sounds,
while displaying an appreciation for conventional instrumentation and
an atmosphere which highlights her roots in the ancient city of Istanbul
in a contemporary fashion.

With meticulously prepared podcasts for Anjunadeep Edition, When We Dip,
Bespoke Music she grew her online audience to reputable numbers and
she's already considered amongst international globetrotting storytellers,
capable of adjusting her sound to any given time and space coordinates.

As a strong female figure in the conservative society she grew up in,
she even has a TEDx talk under her belt amongst other online content
for inspiring her generation. But this is just the beginning. She’s keen
to inspire and touch more and for that she’s spending more time
in her ’nomad studio’ and carefully connecting to her inner self
to reveal emotions to express with music. We can anticipate
more stories told in depth as she’s already in progress of
cooking her own tunes to share with the world very soon.