With huge early success as an international music blogger,
fresh talent Istanbul-born Elif covered all the main festivals
as a writer until, after teaching herself music production and mixing,
she swapped ligging for gigging four years ago as a DJ. As a producer,
her first release on Anjunadeep (2019) made her an instant favourite, and
her Anjunadeep ‘Edition’ mixes are always a huge success. She recently played
their #Anjunaunlocked Twitch stream, as well as crafting an epic lockdown set
for Desert Hearts’ City Hearts virtual festival which made the Twitch main page
and became the talk of towns everywhere. Also during lockdown she’s written
new material – soon to drop on Stil Vor Talent and her debut EP on A Tribe
Called Kotori– and reached her listeners’ hearts with livestreams both
melodic and profound.

Before lockdown, already a familiar figure at festivals worldwide with an
incredible resume of experience and expertise (of which more below), Elif
had become a non-stop nomadic performer at the likes of Burning Man,
The Monastery Festival, Anjunadeep Explorations, ADE, Kater Blau, The
Gardens of Babylon and Flying Circus parties, Tulum, Montreal, Ukraine,
Amsterdam… be it a dark club or a sunny beach, she brings heart,
variety, passion and life-enhancing vibes to her listeners.
‘Music is my home. Music is my language. Music is my medicine.’