Elif is an Istanbul-born highly acclaimed selector, DJ and producer, who has lost no time climbing to
the top of the deep house scene. Her unique style is composed of mixing modern electronica with
her own special spice-blend: acoustic instruments with beautiful contemporary beats, and an
unrivalled ability to take crowds through a range of emotions that stretch smoothly from
profound psychedelia to potent heights.
Elif got her start as a content creator, breaking into the music scene thanks to a hard-hitting
history of 7 years experience in travel-blogging and social media, contributing to
prestigious international publications and even teaching yoga. She’s an avid reader, a self-
described nerd, speaks 4 languages, is a qualified architect and has given a Tedx Talk.
Already well known under her blogging and instagram moniker ‘Cizenbayan’ and having
previous experience managing bands and writing music, she transitioned seamlessly
into first DJ-ing in 2016 and then music production in 2018 by using her social media
presence as a powerful means to reach out to the right audience.
She blends the indie-rock-come-deep-house tonalities she’d grown to love with the
eastern percussive roots ingrained in her upbringing & has shown time and time
again that she is capable of adapting her sets to any crowd and setting. Having
prepared podcasts for Anjunadeep, Bespoke, Schirmchendrink, Akumandra
and more, she quickly started winning the hearts of fans around the world.
She’s performed at iconic venues and parties such as Berlin's Kater Blau,
Behrouz’s Do Not Sit of Miami, The Gardens of Babylon, Wild As The Moon,
Amsterdam Dance Event, Off Sonar, Audiofly's Flying Circus, her home
country's finest Klein, Suma, Indigo, Bonjuk Bay, and cities that span
the globe from Beirut to Barcelona, Miami to Montreal and not to
forget San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta, NYC, Tulum, Cabo,
Dubai, a tour in India and and many more. She’s performed at
festivals like Anjunadeep Explorations, The Monastery & Burning Man.
Elif is an Altitude Agency artist with a debut release titled Random
Acts of Kindness on the highly acclaimed label Anjunadeep’s
‘Explorations 10’ compilation, which she describes as ‘her own
Deep House overflow’.